Our Connected Classroom Tech Fellows [TFs], formerly known as TAs, are former students who are passionate about sharing their technical skills with students from underrepresented groups in tech. TFs are responsible for on-campus student recruitment and supporting participants in the CodePath Connected Classroom courses, including: Cybersecurity, iOS, Android Kotlin, and Web Development. They attend class sessions and move between breakout rooms to assist students in small groups, in addition to leading office hours outside of class sessions. The TF role is a part-time, 4-hour-per-week commitment for 10 weeks during Spring 2023, plus an additional 10-20 hours of virtual training prior to the start of the course.

The time commitment for TFs will depend on which course level you are hired to support. Please keep in mind the varying schedules when choosing your course


You can view the Connected Classrooms Tech Fellow Role Description here.