How much do these courses cost?
The class is provided at no cost for students. We work closely with a number of industry partners who help us cover the costs of the program.

Who teaches the courses?
Depending on the course you are enrolled in, our instructors include engineering professionals from major technology companies, start-ups, and academia, such as Google, Meta, or Stanford University. We also carefully select and mentor a group of high-performing student leaders (Tech Fellows) who help facilitate each class of students at partner universities. We have created and tested extensive learning materials including pre-recorded video lectures and online documentation to help with the homework. In addition, professional experts are available to answer student questions online about lecture materials as well as homework.

Regardless of which class you take or which university you attend, CodePath provides the same high-quality curriculum and course experience to arm you with industry knowledge, technical excellence, and a portfolio to demonstrate your work.

How much time will participating in a CodePath course take?
You should set aside 5-10 hours per week for each CodePath class. This includes 1 session per week (2 hours) and homework (4-8 hours). Classes last 8-12 weeks. For colleges on the quarter system, the course overlaps with Winter and Spring quarters.

Are remote courses available?
Yes, we typically offer multiple remote courses each year:

  • Intro to Mobile App Development: Hands-on workshop series will introduce you to the fundamentals of iOS or Android app design and development.
  • Professional iOS & Android: Accelerated project-based courses that provide a real-world experience of how to develop and ship your own mobile apps.
  • Cybersecurity: Originally designed in partnership with Meta, this course teaches students how to think like a hacker and exploit vulnerabilities, while also exploring how to build offensive capabilities into applications.
  • Intro to Software Engineering: Designed for rising freshmen and sophomores, this course does not require prior experience in programming and will bridge the gap for those who want to feel more prepared to dive into further technical training.
  • Technical Interview Prep: Ace technical interviewing and get a preview of real-world software topics in the industry.
  • Tech Fellow Training: Train to be an instructor for one of our CodePath courses at your campus.

We're always adding new courses and updating our curriculum based on student demand! You may see our course offerings on our website and can sign up for our course waitlist to stay up to date on our new offerings.

Do I need to have a Github account?
Yes. You will need a GitHub account to have access to the CodePath courses, and submit the assignments and labs throughout the course. If you don't have one yet, you can create an account here.

Who can apply for your courses?
Our courses are designed for students in computing-related majors who are 18 or older and attending a US college or university. Some of our courses will also have prerequisites, such as familiarity with object-oriented programming or data structures and algorithms. Check the requirements of each course for more details.

Our programming centers on the needs and success of Black, Indigenous, Latinx, and low-income Computer Science students.

Why should I take this CodePath course?
All CodePath courses are designed to quickly give you technical skills that will enhance your college education, build a portfolio to show future employers, and add valuable skills to your resume. When you successfully complete our courses, you will receive a certificate from CodePath, and you also gain access to CodePath’s career services, 1,100+ industry mentors, and our 10,000 students and alumni network. CodePath's courses and services are here to help you bridge the gap between your computer science education, getting a job in the tech industry, or forming your own tech start-up.

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