If a coursework is marked Incomplete, this might be due to the following:

  • The GIF that was submitted does not render. 
  • The GIF does not show any of the features listed for the assignment. 
  • The Github repository is private and not shared with codepathreview. 
  • The README used in the submission is incorrect or it does not follow the correct README for the assignment.

In order for our grader team to update the status of the assignment, please do the following:

  • Record another GIF and ensure that it shows the features listed in each assignment. The list of features can be found in the README template. The README template can be found in the course portal.
  • Check the Github repository settings. If the repository is set to public, there is no need to share collaboration with codepathreview. If it is set to private, ensure that the repository is shared with codepathreview.
  • Ensure that the README used is for the assignment. There are different READMEs for each assignment. It can be found in the course portal. For Android and iOS courses, the README contains the list of features to be completed. Make sure that the features that are implemented are marked checked. Otherwise, a feature might not be given points.