During the Session:

  • Prepend your group number to your Zoom name. You can change your Zoom display name by going to Participants -> Find your name and hover over it -> Click on More -> Rename.

    • Example: if Caren was in group 1: she would rename herself as 1 - Caren Chang

  • After the lecture, students will be grouped and placed into breakout rooms.

  • Switch your microphone and video on when you are in your breakout rooms for easier collaboration.

How do I join the breakout room?

  • We set up Zoom so you will be automatically routed to your breakout rooms.

  • If in case you weren’t routed to your room, the host will need to invite you to join the room.

  • Click Join.

  • If you missed this prompt, click on the Breakout rooms button at the bottom of the window.

I need help while in a breakout room

  • You can get help by clicking on “Ask for help”.

Why are my other groupmates not in the breakout room?

  • It’s most likely due to either of these reasons:
    • They are not attending the session today.
    • They got disconnected and need to be assigned to your breakout room.
    • They have been assigned, but have not clicked on the Join breakout room button.

Our TA is absent. What do we do?

  • We encourage you to continue to work on the task and discuss the problems amongst yourselves.
  • Click on the “Ask for help” button if you are stuck and need help.

How do I know if it’s time to leave my breakout room?

  • An announcement will be made when groups are being called back into the lobby for a wrap-up.