Be present.

  • Attendance at all sessions is mandatory.
  • All students are allowed up to 3 absences throughout the entire program. Students do not need to submit a request to use these absences.
  • Students will be marked as late if they arrive after the session starts.
  • We check attendance multiple times throughout a class session and may mark you as absent if you are missing for the majority of a session.
  • Students who are absent must still submit the coursework for a unit by the posted deadline



Class Sessions

  • Students are expected to actively attend and participate in each session. 
  • Camera and microphone usage is required as part of active participation. Students are required to have their cameras on and verbally respond during breakout room sessions in order to be considered present for the session.


  • Students are required to submit one HackerRank assignment each week at the end of the unit. These HackerRanks are for you all to be able to log lots of practice, get your own scores, and become very familiar with HackerRank screens.
  • All students are allowed to miss the HackerRank deadline up to 2 times throughout the entire program. Any submissions received after the deadline will be considered missing. If you miss the deadline, you can still complete the HackerRank. However, you will not receive a score report.



  • Students are placed in pods with the same peers and coach throughout the entire course run. Practice professional courtesy and let them know 24 hours in advance if you will not be attending the class session.
  • If you have an extenuating circumstance that affects your attendance or assignment submission, please email
  • If you have technical difficulties that require your HackerRank to be reset, please email before the deadline or your submission will still be counted as missing.


CodePath Requirements for Course Completion

CodePath holds all professional and college students to the same high bar of quality coursework and professionalism. In order to be considered CodePath alumni and receive recognition for successful completion of the course from CodePath, students must complete the entire course which implies submitting all required coursework and not exceeding the allowed absences and late coursework counts. There is no minimum grade required to pass this course. Students meeting the above requirements will:

  • Receive a (digital) CodePath certificate of completion.
  • Be considered CodePath alumni and gain access to alumni networks.
  • Gain full access to the CodePath career center and be eligible for mentorship opportunities with CodePath professional alumni.