Tech Fellows (TF) are ambitious student leaders that are trained by CodePath to deliver successful CodePath courses to their peers. TFs volunteer to facilitate the sessions at their university and provide assistance to students during each class, while being fully supported by CodePath every step of the way. New Tech Fellows are student leaders who are facilitating a CodePath course for the first time or are facilitating a CodePath course they have never facilitated before (even if they’ve facilitated a different CodePath course in the past).

Tech Fellow volunteers play an important part in the success of our CodePath on-campus programs!

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Provide technical support for students during labs and assignments.
  • Make sure students are on track with the pace of the course.
  • Community building through CodePath values
  • Advocate for the needs of students.
  • Attend weekly remote check-ins with CodePath staff.

Perks & benefits

  • Work in service of CodePath’s mission, and provide important learning opportunities for other students.
  • Practice technical presentation & communication skills
  • Leadership skill development
  • Technical debugging skills improvement
  • Support with resume building & credibility
  • Higher priority given for opportunities to career fairs, scholarships, conferences, and projects (when available)

What are the requirements?

  •  I am currently enrolled at the college or university where the course will run and have been instructed by the professor of record to apply.
  •  I have completed an intro to object-oriented programming course or have existing familiarity.
  •  I have completed a data structures and algorithms course or have existing familiarity.
  •  I can commit to participating in the pre-course Tech Fellow Training Program. The precise schedule for these sessions will be shared via email.