Summer 2022 -  Applications will open for invited students. Students complete the VCF Application Form and complete a technical Hackerrank assessment.

Step 1 - Application

Step 2  - Registration. Students must complete registration details in order to participate in the VCF.

Step 3: Students set their preferences by choosing Love, Like, or Not Interested for company positions.

Step 4 - Matching process. CodePath matches students and companies based on company requirements and student preferences.

Step 5 - Students will receive their matches on and be able to book time slots with their company matches. Time slots are first come, first serve.

Step 6 (Waiting List) - If we have students on the waitlist for a company's position, students who are on the waitlist will be able to book a time slot IF there are time slots still available for that company

Step 7 - Schedule Finalized. Companies will receive their final schedule of student matches & time slots.

Sept 12th - 14th - Virtual Career Fair